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FiberXf Net is a local Whangarei company that will facilitate your entry into the new world of IP telecommunications service delivery. Our network has been developed with a vision New Zealanders should have access to the latest IP technology available in other developed countries ensuring we are not left behind on the 'Information Highway'.

Now that fibre has begun to be installed into some Whangarei homes & businesses, that day has finally arrived where you too can benefit from tomorrows technology TODAY!!

Be reassured that Xf Net's ability to provide you with a reliable, quality service is founded on the quality of the equipment we have installed and the expertise of our technical staff to ensure our service to you is second to none.

Xf Net's Broadband connection will deliver to you Ultrafast connectivity starting from 5Mb x 5Mb with a 10G Datacap on our Xf Home Plan & HomePlus Plan.

Business Customers

We are able to provide your business with Broadband speeds of up to 20Mb x 20Mb plus depending on your individual company requirements. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

How It Works

Optical fibre uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal, unlike traditional copper cabling it can carry faster speeds over long distances without the signal deteriorating. Fibre optic cable can also transmit and receive vast amounts of data far in excess of traditional cable.

Currently Xf Net Fibre Broadband access is available in:

  • Northland - Whangarei CBD and selected Suburbs